Deborah Brand is a Bespoke Corsetiere living in London and has been designing for over 30 years. Prior to developing her Couture Business, she sold all over the world in such countries including America, Japan, Australia, The Middle East and most of Europe. Here in London, Deborah sold to Harrods, Liberty’s, Selfridges, Joseph and a stand-alone store in Kensington. Her regular press coverage included Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire and The Times. She has had the pleasure of dressing a wealth of celebrity clients from Amal Clooney to Kim Kardashian, Adriana Lima to Cara Delavigne, Faye Dunaway to Salma Hayek and Eve the Rapper to Bjork. Her first corset dress was commissioned exclusively by Harrods in 1995.

The female form has always been central to Deborah’s designs and corsetry has been a key element in achieving that desirable hour glass figure. She devoted 10 years to designing and perfecting her main corset; working and re-working every aspect of its structure from patterns to boning, linings to interlinings and bra cups to coutils. Using over 100 components and a unprecedented 45 bones in 5 consistencies,   her corset can be slipped on in under 60 seconds and can then “comfortably” reduce the waist line measurement by up to 5inches. Only a handful of corsetieres in the world can create corsets to this level of craftsmanship and detail.



“There’s a whole other world of corsets out there, the real McCoy, designed not as a flourish but to re-draw your lines. The London-based Deborah Brand makes stupendous bespoke pieces that will shrink your waist by up to five inches. With more than 100 components including 45 steels and polymer bones, a silk duchesse satin lining and five metres-yes, five metres-of lacing, these are objects of beauty and seemingly of another age.”

Anna Murphy, Fashion Director, The Times


“It’s rare that anything is ever 100% Ace.  There always seems to be something – some little thing – with Deborah’s work everything – every little thing – perhaps especially the little things – the details, are all in the realm of perfection”

Harland Miller



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Tel: 0333 577 0250