At Deborah Brand we understand that having bespoke corset made to your unique measurements is a delicate and intimate experience, so we take great care in making sure our customers feel comfortable and relaxed. We invite you to bring a guest to your fittings and we sit down and discuss all your needs and requirements before starting any part of the process. All measurements will be taken outside your clothing and all our corsetieres are women. Below is an outline of what to expect at each stage of the fitting process and please do not hesitate to call us if you require further information.


Please allow 1 hour for this appointment. We ask that you wear loose clothing and a comfortable underwired bra.  Here we will discuss your requirements and make decisions on the style, colour and fabrication of your corset.  A total of 15 body measurements will be taken and then you will try on a Corset and feel how comfortable and supportive they are against the skin. At this point you will decide on your personal waist reduction. We recommend the waist looks most natural when it is 4 inches smaller than the underbust measurement and the customer should only go beyond that measurement if they are aiming for a more dramatic effect.


First Fitting.

Please allow 30 minutes for this appointment. Once the measurements have been taken a unique pattern is made for the customer bearing her name and her personal requirements. From this pattern the mainstay of the corset will be made and the customer will be invited to have her first fitting.  The customer will be presented with her unfinished corset to try on. The Corsetiere will make any alterations and take into consideration any personal preferences the customer may have. It will be at this appointment that any major changes will be made and when the Corsetiere and the Customer are both happy with the fit the Corset will be sent to be completed.

Second Fitting.

Please allow 30 minutes for this appointment. The customer will be presented with the finished article and have her second fitting. Here, with the customer in her final Corset, there may be a couple of minor alterations that come to light and they will be noted and taken into consideration at this point. The corset has been designed so that the wearer can put it on unaided and at this appointment the customer will be shown how to lace herself in and out of her corset and how to achieve the best result. When the Corsetiere and the Customer both are happy will the final results the Corset will then be ready to be finished.



The minor alterations will be carried out and then Corset will be meticulously checked. Once we are satisfied with the finish the Corset will be packed into its satin cushion and presentation pouch. The Corset will be numbered and logged for authenticity. It will then be ready for collection.



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