Shoop Hair Opening

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by Alice Tegazi

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There is nothing that makes us more proud than our team member and hairstylist Darrin George, opening his own salon! His creativity has enhanced the look of our photoshoots and fashion shows, through his interpretation of femininity.

The opening day was forecasted to be rainy but it did not stop locals, friends and environmental lovers from joining the party and toasting to Darrin George’s new adventure. The Deborah Brand team have marked this event as a radiant success because of the perfect mixture of bubbly, finger food and live music.


Darrin George, Notting Hill-based hair genius, has thought out of the box by opening an eclectic and non-conventional salon, framed with suffused lightning and object d’art. Stepping in the opening party, one of the Shoop stylist, were ready to welcome you with a glass of bubbly and a blank self adhesive label. “Darling, what is your name?”.


The three leather chairs, that identify the salon, have made way for acoustic guitars and amps: all is ready for a relaxing live music set.

The shop windows display colourful air-balloons and Kevin Murphy gift bags, a powerful message to underline the importance of the eco-friendly products used at Shoop. Darrin George is an environmental enthusiast and incorporates this into his salon by only using Kevin Murphy products. From the keratin treatments to the shampoo, all the products are PETA approved and renowned for their the eco-credentials of having a zero carbon footprint and no nasty chemicals. Darrin’s approach is clear: easy-going environment and eco-friendly philosophy.


Darrin’s hope for Shoop is “to keep on growing in awareness, to have a position as reference for those who want to revolutionise their hairdressing style in an authentic atmosphere. This place was designed on Notting Hill’s real nature, that have differenced it from all the other districts for decades and seems to be sadly gone. We would like to restore that lost surroundings for the locals and for all that remember the area in that way.” The authenticity of the shop completely rejects the gentrification and stays true to the iridescence of Notting Hill in the 80’s.

Talking about goals and future generations, Darrin George advices young people aspiring to enter the world of hairdressing to be creative, to research their own way to express themselves. “The young hairstylists should not simply be in vogue. They should be innovative as well as inspiring. They should finally be a model for the future generations”.

And when the party is over, it is just the beginning of the new Darrin George hairdressing life in Notting Hill.



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